The advent of computers - which has done so much to accelerate the destruction of human and natural communities - has opened up tremendous new possibilities for sustainable economics and higher quality of individual and community life.

Computers enable more complex analysis, design, production and feedback systems, more complex and appropriate linkage among people, more efficient communication, the creation and exchange of non-material (digital) products, the replacement of money in dozens of new ways, and more.

Like In Mind Edit

LikeInMind (LiM) is a Knowledge Network of interconnected concepts, ideas, textual and visual representation of mental images, anything that makes sense and helps each particular user in finding any particular information published at LikeInMind by any participant within a few seconds of time (Findability).

LikeInMind Knowledge Network is a network of personal associations recorded on the Web. Like In Mind, our associations can interconnect even seemingly irrelevant matters and event.