I3 Shop Less, Live MoreEdit

Think carefully about purchases—in six months, if I don't buy it, will I even notice? By reducing purchases and turning a deaf ear to calls to buy, buy, buy, we reclaim our autonomy, reduce our need for money, and have correspondingly greater control over what we must do to make the income needed just to get by.

Instead of: Recreational shopping that drives the engine of growth and debt along with ecological damage.

Works with: I!

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Your Money or Your Life


Seek to satisfy more and deeper needs abundantly through nature, social relations (especially gifting, sharing, storytelling, intimacy and other rewarding engagement), creativity, spirituality, intellectual pursuits (including lifelong learning), do-it-yourself activities, and entertainments, sports and hobbies that cost little and require little "stuff".

Notice the addictive patterns of consumption - the pseudo satisfiers that don't truly satisfy but keep us coming back for more - and work individually and together to move beyond them into far richer, more deeply satisfying versions of quality of life.