I7 Steady State EconomyEdit

Like a mature ecosystem, a steady state economy is constantly changing, evolving, enriching. Our current economy is like an early succession ecosystem—valuing growth above all else and using resources at an ever excellerating rate. At some point such a system evolves into a mature and dynamic steady state or it collapses. Other cards in this deck are keys to imagining and creating a vibrant steady state economy which does not require growth to function.

Instead of: A failed growth economy, that has stagnated or collapsed, with unemployment and other social and economic challenges of recession and depression in the absense of an alternate paradigm. DRAFT CARD:

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SINCE I'M NEW TO THIS, I'M OFFERING MY EDIT SEPARATELY. I think this card should replace I5 Degrow:

Currently spending and consumption must increase to pay interest-bearing debt formed when banks create money and to accommodate increasing productivity and population. These cards tell how we can depend less on money and consumption by gifting, sharing, co-creativity, mutual support, and the priceless "good things of life", providing high quality lives in a stably vibrant economy with fewer negative impacts.

Instead of: A growing economy that degrades life in pursuit of endless consumption and spending until it collapses from exhausting and polluting its human and natural support systems.


"There is a significant difference between a steady-state economy—one designed to operate that way—and a failed growth economy, which would be the absence of growth from our current economy." Center for a Steady State Economy (CASSE)