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3D PrintersAlternative currenciesAwareness motivations
C3 Grow Vibrant and Resilient Local EconomiesC4 Revalue Food and ShelterC6 Regrow the Gift Economy
C7 Local Currency to Support Local EconomiesCommons interestComputer-aided approaches
Corporate reformCredit commonsDe-jobbing
Do-it-yourselfEmerging economy WikiEphemerlization
Eugene Gifting/Sharing Economy CourseF4 Local Credit Clearing SystemsFair trade
Financial transformationGeneriosityGift economy
I1 Measure What MattersI2 Every Purchase is A VoteI3 Shop Less, Live More
I4 Less Work, More LifeI5 Degrow the Monetary EconomyI7 Steady State Economy
Inspirational motivationsKindistaLegal issues re sharing
LiberlandList of PatternsLiving Economy Card Deck
Local economyMEN'S GROIUP COURSE IDEAMainstream economics
MicroFinanceMiniaturizationModular DIY
Motivational approachesN1 Price Energy AccuratelyN2 Polluter Pays Principle
N3 Pay for Depleting the CommonsN4 Reward Resource ProductivityN5 Recognize the Natural Economy
N6 Some Things are Not SubstitutableNew corporate formsOpen Source Ecology
P1 Tame the Bubble EconomyP2P economicsP2 Put Corporations in Their Place
P3 Tax ShiftingP4 Free the Debt SlavesP5 Eliminate Profit from Ownership
P6 Social DividendP7 Currency for Exchange, Not AccumulationPassions and callings
Reduce material consumptionSatisfying Authentic NeedsSatisfying authentic needs
Self-organized co-creativitySharing economyStory of Michael about the Importance of Attitude
SubsidiarityThe commonsZeitgeist Movement

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