N1 Price Energy AccuratelyEdit

Make energy prices reflect two things:

  1. Pollution from production including a price on carbon for climate impact
  2. Depletion of finite sources of highly concentrated energy (fossil fuels)

Valuing energy sources accurately would steer us toward using energy appropriately; in addition to rewarding efficiency innovation, this would reward both real conservation--truly using less-- in a way that includes embodied energy in the calculation, and the matching of energy source to energy demand (for example; reserve use of fossil fuels for where highly concentrated energy is required, but using diffuse energy sources like solar and geothermal to meet heating and cooling needs).

Instead of: Squandering a resource for which there is no true known substitute, and designing our infrastructure and lives around this limited resource.

Works with: N1, N2, N4, N6, I4, I6, C2


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