P1 Tame the Bubble EconomyEdit

Create a system of incentives that drive a reorganization of the financial system and a realignment of its internal rewards to favor transparency, accountability, and public service. Reinstate economic regulations of Eisenhower era that recognized limits on the financial sector, and tax activity that is potentially dangerous while adding little to the commonwealth (high-stakes speculation and high-speed currency trading). A tiny financial transaction tax would reduce financial sector volatility and raise billions.

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  1. Reinstate the economic regulations of Eisenhower era whic recognized limits on the financial sector. <insert ideas from Korten & others about how>
  2. tax any activity that adds little or nothing to the commonwealth but is potentially very dangerous to the commonwealth, notably high-stakes speculation (swaps, derivatives, computerized stock transactions, etc.) and high-speed currency trading. Even a miniscule financial transaction tax would not only reduce the volatility of the financial sector but raise billions for improving and sustaining the commons.